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Many companies miss out the opportunities in offering their employees Will Writing as an additional benefit. The more you show you care to your employees and their whole family, the more productive, thankful and faithful they will be.

Why Amadeus

Almost two-thirds of the UK population die without having Wills in place. This might cause emotional distress and financial hardship for their families. Having Will Writing as an employee benefit program shows to the employees that the company cares about the well being of their whole family.

Discover the benefits of having a Will

We understand that a ‘Will’ is a life document and therefore needs changing and updating as employees’ circumstances change and needs to be reviewed with a change in legislation and tax laws. We review our clients’ Wills every two years to ensure they are up to date. This way we can ensure a Will stays relevant and current.

We also store the clients’ Will in a safe storage location from where it can be easily retrieved and updated. We call it the ‘Peace of mind’ package which is available at a small annual fee. This covers any future updates to the Will and stores the Will in a compliant safe storage location.

We also offer the option to clients to store their financial and important documents in a digital vault which ensures probate can be done easily and save thousands of pounds in probate fees. This is significant as lots of Wills are misplaced every year through people moving, fire, thefts, accidental damage etc. As only the original Will document is acceptable in the courts for probate, we believe this service provides clients with the necessary assurances.

A Will is a legal document and hence may sometimes contain legal jargon. A Will commentary is specific to your Will and explains each clause in your Will in very simple language. It helps you understand your Will in more detail and you know exactly what is being signed. It is also an important resource for the executor and trustees of your Will.

Trust planning through ‘Will based trusts’ forms an integral part of our planning process. Often referred to as ‘Modern Wills’ over the ‘Traditional Wills’, Will based trusts help employees to do contingency planning as required. For example through Will based trusts, employees can protect their Children’s and Grandchildren’s inheritance from lifetime risks such as Bankruptcies, Divorces, Remarriages, Care fees, Inheritance taxes etc.

Will based trusts can also help preserve relief and exemptions available to Cohabiting partners, Business owners and Farmland owners. Last but not least Will based trusts are more commonly and extensively used to preserve assets for minor children and for children with special needs as these trusts provide significant tax privileges that would otherwise is unavailable if assets were left to these beneficiaries absolutely.

We offer an ‘Expression of Wishes’ document with each ‘Will’ document. Instructions and wishes can be left to the Executors and Trustees of the Will who can use this document as an additional guide to execute the Will. For example, wishes relating to distribution of Chattels, distribution under a trust or wishes relating to upbringing of children can be recorded here.

According to current law, if someone loses capacity then their assets are frozen and a court order is required to unfreeze them. This is a painstakingly slow and expensive process. This can be resolved by giving a Lasting power of attorney (LPA) to your chosen attorney. They are then able to ensure your wishes are carried out till your death when the Will takes over.

There are two types of LPA’s i.e. first relating to Property & Financial Affairs and the second to Health & Welfare. In our view both are important as they ensure both your finances and health are looked after. The Financial affairs LPA can be designed so it can be used before losing mental capacity with the donor’s consent and also continues once they have lost mental capacity.

Products and services to your employees

  • Will (Individual or joint depending on requirement)
  • Will Commentary
  • Expression of Wishes
  • Severance of Tenancy
  • Trust Planning
  • Individual Trust reports
  • LPA- Property & Financial Affairs
  • LPA- Health & Welfare
  • Will Storage
  • Will Maintenance & Updates

How do we work with you & your employees

The method of delivery is through a presentation to the board followed by a presentation to the employees. Following the presentation, a link is emailed to all employees which contains the ‘Data capture form’. Once this has been received, we do telephone meeting or a face to face meeting with employee as required and email them the draft documents to check and review. Once the documents are finalised, they are sent to the employee with signing instructions and a self-addressed envelope to return for storage.

Corporate Solutions

The program is designed at no cost to the company. Employees can choose to make the payment full in advance for which they get a discount or they can chose to pay through a flexible or voluntary employee benefit program. In this manner, Employees can spread their costs over 12 months plan with zero interest.